For a 2nd year, the Tweed Stampede & Jamboree will host the Coors Pro Xtreme Bull Freestyle (PXBF) in Tweed, Ontario on April 25, 2020. PXBF features bull freestyles competing alongside a 1,200lbs bull in an action-packed extreme sport competition. A fast growing event affiliated to rodeo, bull freestyle showcases the athleticism of both athletes: Man vs. Beast. Crowds will be entertained with the action watching this adrenaline packed show. Ross Millar president of RMG stated, “We are excited to introduce Pro Xtreme Bull Freestyle to Ontario. The Coors PXBF tour will attract top Bull Freestylers with their points counting towards the ABF Finals in Las Vegas Finals later that year." These events will feature 2 shows each day with Championship dollars awarded.



Since moving to Nashville in 2004, Canadian country artist Steven Lee Olsen has worked tirelessly honing his craft as both a singer and a songwriter, and all the hard work has paid off in some pretty impressive ways. He co-wrote Keith Urban’s double-platinum hit “Blue Ain’t Your Color” – which in 2017 was named the NSAI Song of the Year and crowned “Single of the Year” at the CMA Awards. The song was also nominated for “Best Country Song” and “Best Country Solo Performance” at the 59th Grammy Awards, and “Song of the Year” at the ACM Awards. Olsen also penned Kip Moore’s #1 hit “More Girls Like You” and co-wrote Dallas Smith’s #1 hit “Drop,” as well as numerous cuts for other stars including Garth Brooks, Billy Currington, Rascal Flatts, The Judds, Emerson Drive and more.

 “It’s crazy to think all about the success I’ve had in the past few years; I never would have believed it,” says Olsen. “As an artist, it’s easy to get impatient, but I’ve learned that things usually work out exactly the way they’re supposed to, exactly when they’re supposed to. Timing really is everything.” This mantra led Olsen to title his 2018 EP “Timing is Everything,” which he independently released via his own music imprint SLO Circus Records.

Olsen’s latest single “Hello Country” was recently released to Canadian country radio where it was the most added song in its debut week and continues to climb the charts. His recent releases have garnered the attention of Pandora who named him one of their 2019 “Artists to Watch.” With new music to share with the fans, Olsen just wrapped a series of western Canadian dates in support of country music superstars Rascal Flatts on their 2019 Forever Summer Playlist Tour.



The Stampede is pleased to welcome David Wilcox on Saturday. David Wilcox is a brilliant song writer, a great singer, and one of the hottest guitar players in the world. He first made his name as a wild, live performer and then as a first-rate recording artist whose work, from “Out Of The Woods” (1980) to his brand new release, “Boy In The Boat” (2007, stands the test of time.biophoto2 After more than twenty years in the business – including extensive touring, 5 gold & platinum albums, numerous awards, and winning fans everywhere – it’s no stretch to say that David Wilcox deserves icon status. His life in music is the stuff of legend. Wilcox discovered Elvis at age six, started picking guitar a couple of years later, and played his first gig – to a room full of ex-convicts at age fourteen. A devoted acoustic fan, young David bought a second-hand Telecaster from a pawn shop on a whim and didn’t even know how to turn on the amp when he auditioned for Ian & Sylvia. dwbandHe got the gig anyway, and spent two and a half years in their band, The Great Speckled Bird, backing the likes of Anne Murray, Charlie Rich and Carl Perkins on Ian’s weekly international TV show. David recalled one particular memory of that time: “We were headlining at Carnegie Hall and the only instruments were two acoustic guitars, played by Ian and me. I had an exceptional night and Ian was kind enough to introduce me twice. Both times the audience response was really warm and appreciative. Although I knew that I hadn’t ‘arrived’ or whatever, it was a wonderful affirmation that I could have a career in Music.”

Wilcox led his first big-time band, David Wilcox and the Teddy Bears, in the mid ’70s, hitting local stages as a flashy character with an oversized waxed moustache, a baggy suit and a flower in his lapel. For the first time he began performing original material. Over the years he’s written an extremely broad variety of songs like “Old Cats” and“Don’t Let The Devil Take The Beat From The Lord”. In the early ’80s, Wilcox shed the moustache and suit, truly hitting his stride. Wherever he played he left a trail of club and concert goers who’d danced, drank, clapped, stomped and shouted their way to a great time. With consistent radio play for his songs, audiences were calling out for “Hot, Hot, Papa”, “Riverboat Fantasy” and other classic favorites. Wilcox3Wilcox became a huge favorite on the college circuit playing more than 300 dates a year and earning awards fromCOCA (the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities) for Entertainer Of The Year (1985) and Contemporary Music Recording Attraction (1987). He was later honored with membership in their Hall Of Fame. At the time he was the highest-grossing campus performer in Canada. David had also signed a recording contract with EMI Music Canada.

The year 2000 found David recording “Rhythm Of Love”, a CD which reflects the compelling hard-rocking sound of his first electric bands. “I need a Vice” is a clever, sharply-observed confession, “High WaterRising”a beautiful soul ballad with some subtle, irresistible guitar work, and“Rhythm Of Love” is a percolating shuffle. In 2003 Stony Plain Records of Edmonton issued a great compilation CD titled “Rockin’ The Boogie: Best Of Blues And Boogie.” Apart from featuring some new tracks, such as the aptly titled “Can’t Stop Rockin'”the CD focused on Wilcox’s blues-and-boogie side. The title track is used by Canada’s Olympic gold-medal winning skaters, Sale and Pelletier for one of their most popular routines.

In 2015, “Guitar Heroes” was released on Stony Plain Records. It is a spectacular recording of a live concert featuring four of the greatest guitarists in music history. James Burton was Elvis’s band leader for much of his career. Albert Lee worked with Eric Clapton, the Everly Brothers and many more. Amos Garrett played with Stevie Wonder and a long list of pop and roots giants. David Wilcox rounds out the quartet in his own unique fashion. This CD is a one of a kind classic and a rocking good time wrapped up together. It is David’s most recent release. He is currently recording a solo acoustic roots album of brand new material.



Jojo Mason will be hitting the stge at this year's 2020 Tweed Stampede.For 604 Record’s JoJo Mason, the past three years have been an incredible journey. Now, with 5 Top 10 tracks under his belt, the west coast artist is ready to hit the ground running once again, and he’s more than excited to see what’s on the horizon. Mason’s aptly titled first single, “Future”, from his forthcoming sophomore EP appropriately titled Chapter Two (September 13, 2019), was released in October and has surpassed 3.3 million streams, it quickly became his highest streamed song to date. It’s a song that peaked Mason’s interest immediately, and one that blended his two favourite musical styles; country, and a little bit of soul. Written by Nashville singer/songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny, “Future” paints a vivid picture of what can happen when one certain moment changes your life in ways no one could ever imagine. For JoJo, the track is nothing short of a game changer. His current single “Better On You”, another Tenpenny penned track released May 24th, highlights Mason’s sensitive side and got off to a strong start surpassing 50k streams in under a week, with over 1.8 million streams to date and placing third on the Canadian Country Radio & Billboard charts.



Looking for a more exclusive experience? Located to the left of the stage, with first come, first serve tables & chairs, exclusive washrooms, and one official Stampede VIP T-Shirt. Special beverage menu and cash bar within the area, premium parking and access to the VIP pit near front of stage, first in line for after the show Autographs. The VIP area is a licensed. All Children and guests under the age of 19 must have their own full priced VIP ticket AND must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while in this area.

Your package containing your: VIP T'Shirt(s), wristband(s) and neck pass(s) will be ready for pickup in the second week of July and are also available at the main gate when you arrive.
*VIP washroom facilities, premium cash bar service, VIP entrance, premium parking and the VIP Pit with access to the front of the stage barricade (limited capacity for your safety)  VIP is wheelchair accessible.


The Happy Project, is in memory of our beloved horse and long time member of the Stampede family. "Happy" was in her thirties when she passed away this spring. For 8 years she was the centre of attention in the petting zoo. She was great with kids and loved the attention that she would get at the Stampede. Over the years thousands of families have seen/pat her mane and had their picture taken with her. The joy that she brought to everyone has inspired us to come up with this initiative, called The Happy Project! 
This Project is designed to give families the opportunity to attend the Tweed Stampede, that normally wouldn't be able to attend such an event. Thanks to our generous sponsors such as Bank of Montreal Tweed Branch we are able to send 10 deserving families to a day at the Tweed Stampede. We are still looking for more sponsors to send more families to the Stampede. If interested in becoming a sponsor please give us a call to join The Happy Project
To nominate a family please send us a direct message through Facebook or an email to You can nominate a family by telling us a brief story about the family and why they deserve a great day at the Stampede together. There is no specific reason why a family needs to be nominated. It doesn't need to be for financial or circumstantial reasons. It could be for good deeds done or a hard working family that doesn't get enough time to spend together!
Children are our future, and the skills learned and relationships fostered  throughout the day at the Stampede are often life-changing stepping stones on the road to adulthood. Children come from all walks of life, eager to watch and learn the ways of the western cowboy. They are ready to take on new challenges of the kids zone and discover unique gifts from the vendors village!

The Tweed Stampede believes the benefits of the Stampede experience are priceless, but we also realize that parents' pockets aren't bottomless and family time maybe hard to come by with a busy schedule. TS & J also believes that every child and every family,  should have an unique family experience at least once a summer. We hope to see you at the Stampede making family memories that will last a life time!
Giddy Up!

In Memory of "Happy" May 24th 2018


The Tweed Stampede & Jamboree is happy to host Arm Wrestling on Saturday afternoon. It will be a test of strength to be sure! In competitive arm wrestling, both competitors stand up with their arms placed on an arm wrestling tournament table. 

 Arm wrestling tournaments are divided into weight classes as well as left and right-handed divisions. Strict rules, penalties and fouls can result in a loss at the table, if the competitor's elbow leaves a matted area where the elbow is to remain at all times, if there’s a false start, or for trying to escape a possible arm pin by breaking the grip with the opponent. Stop on by on Saturday to see all the action! Free with Admission! 

Sanctioned by the Ontario Arm Wrestling Association 
Presented by Arm Melter 



Entry Fee: $20 per arm. Weigh-in at 10am, Competition starts at noon.
Double Elimination 
Men's Categories Right & Left Arm 
0-154 lbs 
155-176 lbs 
177-198 lbs 
199-231 lbs 
232 - + lbs 
Ladies Open Class Right & Left Arm 

Contact Joe Gould at 613-967-6662 for more info.
Pre Register for arm wrestling and get free admission to the Rodeo. 


Get your truck decked out and ready. The Tweed Stampede & Jamboree is proud to announce even more to do on this great weekend! Sunday afternoon will feature the return of the Truck Pulls starting at 3:30 pm with great cash prizes for all winners. The event is open to all ½ ton, ¾ ton and diesel pickup trucks! The best part is.... you can register in advance! Just fill out the info on the form below. Giddy Up!