John Michael Montgomery has turned an uncanny ability to relate to fans into one of country music’s most storied careers. Behind the string of hit records, the roomful of awards and the critical and fan accolades that have defined his phenomenal success lies a connection that goes beyond his undeniable talent and his proven knack for picking hits. Since the days when “Life’s A Dance” turned him from an unknown artist into a national star, John Michael’s rich baritone has carried that most important of assets—believably. Few artists in any genre sing with more heart than this handsome Kentucky-born artist.

It is readily apparent in love songs that have helped set the standard for a generation. Songs like “I Swear,” “I Love the Way You Love Me” and “I Can Love You Like That” still resonate across the landscape—pop icon and country newcomer Jessica Simpson cited “I Love The Way You Love Me” as an influence in a recent interview. It is apparent in the 2004 hit “Letters From Home,” one of the most moving tributes to the connection between soldiers and their families ever recorded, and in “The Little Girl,” a tale of redemption that plumbs both the harrowing and the uplifting. It is apparent even in the pure fun that has always found its way into John Michael’s repertoire—songs like “Be My Baby Tonight” and “Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident),” where John Michael’s vocal earnestness takes musical whimsy to another level.
John Michael’s origins lie in deceptively modest beginnings. He was born in Danville, Kentucky, to parents who imparted a lifelong love of music.
“Where most people have chairs and sofas in their living rooms,” laughs John Michael, “we had amplifiers and drum kits.”
The family band played on weekends throughout the area, and John Michael and his brother Eddie eagerly soaked up everything about it.
“To a certain extent,” he says, “my dad always had a natural ability to draw fans and entertain people; I don’t care if it was on the front porch, the living room, or on a stage. I think that transitioned to me and my brother being able to do that on stage.”
John Michael took over lead singing chores after his parents divorced, and he performed for a while in a band called Early Tymz with Eddie and their friend Troy Gentry. Nashville talent scouts began hearing about and then seeing John Michael perform and by the early ‘90s he had a record deal.
The hits followed steadily, with songs like “Rope The Moon,” “If You’ve Got Love,” “No Man’s Land,” “Cowboy Love,” “As Long As I Live,” “Friends” and “How Was I To Know” establishing him as one of the elite acts of the era. He received the CMA Horizon award and was named the ACM’s Top New Vocalist, setting off a long series of awards that included the CMA’s Single and Song of the Year, Billboard’s Top Country Artist, and a Grammy nomination. Heavy touring meant he kept the close touch with fans he had begun in the clubs back home.
“You get to know your fans and what they like more and more through the years,” he says, “and you kind of gravitate towards one another.”
Indeed, he has always had an extraordinarily close relationship with his fans, and they have stayed with him through good and bad times.
Asked what he thinks gave him the edge in a career that calls millions but gives stardom to just a few, he pauses, then thinks back to the legacy of his parents.
“I reckon it was good genes and good blood,” he says with a smile. Few who know the depth and breadth of his own growing legacy would disagree.


About Craig Morgan: A multi-faceted entertainer, Craig Morgan has made a name for himself as a country music icon, TV personality, celebrated outdoorsman and patriotic Army veteran. One of country music's best-loved artists, Morgan has charted 25 songs on Billboard and thrills massive crowds with signature hits including “Bonfire,” Almost Home,” “Redneck Yacht Club,” “International Harvester,” “This Ole Boy,” Wake Up Loving You” and the four week #1, “That's What I Love About Sunday.”

Craig received one of country music's highest honors when he was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2008. Prior to becoming a country music star and TV sensation, Morgan spent seventeen years serving our country in the Army and Army Reserves. Morgan remains an avid supporter of America's military personnel and has made 15 overseas trips to perform for our troops. He is a recipient of the 2006 USO Merit Award and in 2018 was awarded the Army’s Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, one of the highest awards the Department of the Army can bestow upon a civilian, in recognition of his significant dedication to our military men and women around the world.
In 2017 Craig debuted The Gallery at Morgan Farms, a family-owned and operated farm-to-home business in his hometown of Dickson, TN. The store features a variety of artisan items handmade by Craig and his family and shoppers can also order his custom blended Old Tattoo Cabernet Sauvignon, in partnership with

Engage with Craig on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and see a list of upcoming tour dates at



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The Happy Project, is in memory of our beloved horse and long time member of the Stampede family. "Happy" was in her thirties when she passed away this spring. For 8 years she was the centre of attention in the petting zoo. She was great with kids and loved the attention that she would get at the Stampede. Over the years thousands of families have seen/pat her mane and had their picture taken with her. The joy that she brought to everyone has inspired us to come up with this initiative, called The Happy Project! 
This Project is designed to give families the opportunity to attend the Tweed Stampede, that normally wouldn't be able to attend such an event. Thanks to our generous sponsors such as Bank of Montreal Tweed Branch we are able to send 10 deserving families to a day at the Tweed Stampede. We are still looking for more sponsors to send more families to the Stampede. If interested in becoming a sponsor please give us a call to join The Happy Project
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Children are our future, and the skills learned and relationships fostered  throughout the day at the Stampede are often life-changing stepping stones on the road to adulthood. Children come from all walks of life, eager to watch and learn the ways of the western cowboy. They are ready to take on new challenges of the kids zone and discover unique gifts from the vendors village!

The Tweed Stampede believes the benefits of the Stampede experience are priceless, but we also realize that parents' pockets aren't bottomless and family time maybe hard to come by with a busy schedule. TS & J also believes that every child and every family,  should have an unique family experience at least once a summer. We hope to see you at the Stampede making family memories that will last a life time!
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In Memory of "Happy" May 24th 2018


The Tweed Stampede & Jamboree is happy to host Arm Wrestling on Saturday afternoon. It will be a test of strength to be sure! In competitive arm wrestling, both competitors stand up with their arms placed on an arm wrestling tournament table. 

 Arm wrestling tournaments are divided into weight classes as well as left and right-handed divisions. Strict rules, penalties and fouls can result in a loss at the table, if the competitor's elbow leaves a matted area where the elbow is to remain at all times, if there’s a false start, or for trying to escape a possible arm pin by breaking the grip with the opponent. Stop on by on Saturday to see all the action! Free with Admission! 

Sanctioned by the Ontario Arm Wrestling Association 
Presented by Arm Melter 



Entry Fee: $20 per arm. Weigh-in at 10am, Competition starts at noon.
Double Elimination 
Men's Categories Right & Left Arm 
0-154 lbs 
155-176 lbs 
177-198 lbs 
199-231 lbs 
232 - + lbs 
Ladies Open Class Right & Left Arm 

Contact Joe Gould at 613-967-6662 for more info.
Pre Register for arm wrestling and get free admission to the Rodeo. 


Get your truck decked out and ready. The Tweed Stampede & Jamboree is proud to announce even more to do on this great weekend! Sunday afternoon will feature the return of the Truck Pulls starting at 3:30 pm with great cash prizes for all winners. The event is open to all ½ ton, ¾ ton and diesel pickup trucks! The best part is.... you can register in advance! Just fill out the info on the form below. Giddy Up!