The Happy Project, is in memory of our beloved horse and long time member of the Stampede family. "Happy" was in her thirties when she passed away this spring. For 8 years she was the centre of attention in the petting zoo. She was great with kids and loved the attention that she would get at the Stampede. Over the years thousands of families have seen/pat her mane and had their picture taken with her. The joy that she brought to everyone has inspired us to come up with this initiative, called The Happy Project! 
This Project is designed to give families the opportunity to attend the Tweed Stampede, that normally wouldn't be able to attend such an event. Thanks to our generous sponsors such as Bank of Montreal Tweed Branch we are able to send 10 deserving families to a day at the Tweed Stampede. We are still looking for more sponsors to send more families to the Stampede. If interested in becoming a sponsor please give us a call to join The Happy Project
To nominate a family please send us a direct message through Facebook or an email to You can nominate a family by telling us a brief story about the family and why they deserve a great day at the Stampede together. There is no specific reason why a family needs to be nominated. It doesn't need to be for financial or circumstantial reasons. It could be for good deeds done or a hard working family that doesn't get enough time to spend together!
Children are our future, and the skills learned and relationships fostered  throughout the day at the Stampede are often life-changing stepping stones on the road to adulthood. Children come from all walks of life, eager to watch and learn the ways of the western cowboy. They are ready to take on new challenges of the kids zone and discover unique gifts from the vendors village!

The Tweed Stampede believes the benefits of the Stampede experience are priceless, but we also realize that parents' pockets aren't bottomless and family time maybe hard to come by with a busy schedule. TS & J also believes that every child and every family,  should have an unique family experience at least once a summer. We hope to see you at the Stampede making family memories that will last a life time!
Giddy Up!

In Memory of "Happy" May 24th 2018